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What does determine skin colour?
Skin colour is due to the type of melanin that everyone of us genetically have. Melanin produced by melanocytes (special skin cells) is composed by a mixture of eumelanin (brownblack) and of feomelanin (yellow-reddish).
How do black spots occur?
Each modification occurring in melanogenesis (melanin production) or in its composition, cause pigmenting disorders known as skin black spots. These modifications can be provoked by external factors (light, chemical substances, drug therapies, local infections) or internal factors (hormonal changes, metabolic changes) that alter normal functioning of melanocytes resulting in the formation of senile lentigo (commonly known as age spots), pregnancy chloasma (altered hormonal production) and ephelides which appears almost often on cheeks, nose, chin, décolletè and on the back of the hands.
How this problem can be managed?
Many are the active principles used to depigment (keep out the colour in excess) black spots. The most active is undoubtedly hydroquinone, but good results are obtainable by other actives such as vitamin C, its derivatives, and arbutin (Acromos plus) or by the vegetal extract of emblica, associated with azelaic acid (Acromos forte).
To remember
To quick solve the problem it is recommended to combine the topical formulations with be-weekly use of skin peelings which facilitate actives penetration, and to protect always the skin with high protection factor sun creams (Mavisan 50+). Better is to avoid as much as possible direct sun exposure and to continue the topical cosmetic treatment for at least 3-6 months.

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