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The nourishment, which enables hair's cells to grow and multiply, is ensured by the blood vessels reaching the bulb through the dermal papilla.
Thus, these cells should be well-nourished, mainly during the anagen stage, and receive a continuous flow of several substances absolutely necessary for their life. Among them, a major role is played by suplhurated aminoacids, such as cystine and methionine (which make the hair strong and thick), carbohydrates (which supply the energy necessary for cell longevity) and vitamins, such as vitamin B6 and panthotenic acid (which are fundamental to enzyme-induced reactions of oxydation). Finally, minerals, such as copper, zinc and iron, act as indispensable co-enzymes.
Like the skin, the hair needs specific treatments, depending on both individual characteristics and the season. In summer, the hair needs softening oils and packing masks; protective, nourishing, gelatin-rich screens to prevent excess loss of mineral salts and proteins, due to prolonged exposures to the sun or frequent bathing. In winter, precautionary measures must be redoubled if fog, smog, widespread humidity and cold weather occur: mild-acting shampoos and products should be used to cleanse and nourish the hair in a balanced, "tailor-made" way.
Like the skin, which, in order to control the effects of the sun when sun-bathing, requires a variable protection factor (SPF Skin Protection Factor) depending on its sensitiveness, also the hair requires personalized protection (HPF Hair Protection Factor) and nourishment factors. MAVI's researchers have developed special protection and nourishment indexes for hair too.
Depending on whether the hair is weak, dehydrated or healthy, different intakes of active components are recommended. Protection and the diet should be light (but complete) with healthy hair; rich and nourishing with sensitized hair; strong-acting and intense with damaged hair which need to be revitalized. The above treatments, both topical and systemic, ensure a thorough cleansing and nourishing action and completely remove impurities, always protecting the hair and the scalp.
Their strength all lies in the composition of the special MAVI DIFFUSION SYSTEM( (vehicle) and the active components at different concentrations, proportionately to the varying requirements for protection and nutrients. By means of this special DIFFUSION SYSTEM, through a simple phenomenon of molecular chemistry, active components are made fully similar to keratins in the hair. Active components promptly fasten to hair locks, laying an even film of nourishing and protecting substances all over the hair to last between shampoos. The concurrent intake of "balanced" dietary products promotes and enhances the action of products. The hair gets immediately healthier, thicker and shinier, gradually recovering their natural beauty.
For all these reasons, after careful research carried out by its team with the co-operation of other European and US researchers, MAVI has developed several dietary supplements, shampoos, hair conditioners and masks, which include: BIOESSE, with sulphurated aminoacids, vitamins and minerals useful to hair bulbs; QM PLUS, to bring the moisture level back to normal in dull hair; BETAEFFE PLUS, to protect the hair against damage due to free radicals, which result from UV rays and environmental pollutants; EFAGEL and PUFOLIC, which, thanks to their special nutrients, such as essential fatty acids, restore strength, thickness and shine to the hair. Finally, BIOESSE lotion has been developed to improve the microcirculation and regulate sebum secretion

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