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The skin is not a mere sensitive organ and a regulator of body temperature, but it has also important protective functions: the stratum corneum is, in fact, a real barrier which defends the skin from an excessive water loss and from the penetration of external substances. A weakening or a damage of this natural barrier leads to skin dryness, irritation and desquamation. The excessive loss of water and fats (lipids) at the level of the stratum corneum, can be due often to external causes such as a particularly cold and windy climate, a low percentage of humidity, mechanical traumas, the contact with irritant chemicals and aggressive cleansing products, the large use of lattice gloves, the excessive exposure to sun and sunbeds. In people genetically predisposed, the excessive water loss can be due also to different pathologies, such as xerosis (extremely dry skin) and different origin dermatoses (atopic, irritative and allergic dermatitis). All these factors influence the lipidic composition of the skin, reducing its water retention capacity and making it thinner, fragile and easily reactive.
Following intensive researches carried out in collaboration with Italian and International Universities, MAVI Laboratories set up MAVILEN LINE to offer a highly safe and effective solution to the different skin problems caused by the alteration of the skin barrier function. The products of the line are based on the use of an innovative patented carrier linked to carefully selected active principles.
Internationally patented by MAVI, this innovative carrier is made up of chitin nanofibrils (a natural ingredient of marine origin, belonging to sugars), which, due to its intrinsic unique characteristics, is able 1) to facilitate the penetration and the permanence of the actives through the different skin levels, 2) to exalt their effectiveness, 3) and to avoid any possible side effects.

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