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Selective permeability

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The basic aim of all cosmetic products is to keep the skin perfectly hydrated, rebalancing both the moisture content of the stratum corneum and the quality and quantity of the lipids and the glycoproteins which cover and firmly hold the corneocytes in their mesh. Recent experimental evidence has demonstrated that the sphingolipids or ceramides, particularly rich in long chain fatty acids, play a significant role in protecting the skin against environmental aggression, by constantly adjusting the perspiratio insensibilis. It has been also demonstrated that the presence of NMFs, notably PCA (pyrrolidon-carboxylic acid in the form of a sodium salt) and of some aminoacids such as glycine, is critical for maintaining the right degree of moisture in the skin. It is evident that the mechanism of action of a cosmetic cream is directly related to the kind of vehicle or "carrier" involved and to the selected active ingredients. The speed and absorption rate of the active ingredients are linked to the molecular size, the chemical and physical characteristics, and to the formula which contains and releases them. MAVI, relying on its own leading technology and also drawing on the results of the most up-to-date international research, has created several skin care lines.
These are: the MAVI Pharmaceutical line (Mavigen, Idroskin, Elageno, Mavisole, Deoderm, QM) specially formulated to meet the prescription needs of dermatologists and plastic surgeons (MAVI Dermatology), pediatrists (MAVI Pediatry) and gynecologists (MAVI Gynecology), marketed through the pharmacy retail network.
The TS MAVI SPA Line and the Ljeder line designed solely for professional use to meet the need of Beauty Center and Medical Beauty spas.

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