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MAVI is positioned at the forefront of cosmeceutical development and solid R&D is at the base of all MAVI products. In fact, MAVI distinguishes itself from other Italian SMEs by investing 15% of annual turnover in R&D. The Company  develops all its products through biological research in its own laboratories and clinical studies at international level.By its studies, MAVI R&D laboratories have developed a series of innovative delivery systems (vehicles) patented under the MDS brand (MAVI Diffusion System) and necessary to ameliorate the penetration (delivery) of the active ingredients through the skin layers. MDS vehicles are micro and nanoemulsions which can facilitate the delivery of ingredients with various properties e.g. substances with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hydrating or sebo-regulatory activities though skin and mucous membranes, also increasing their effectiveness.
The Centre for Nanoscience, a Nanotechnology Research Group set up by MAVI, has permitted the company to perfect its unique delivery system technology rendering products more efficacious and effectively differentiating them from market competitors.
As a result of this research the methodology for the extraction of chitin in its crystalline form, Chitin Nanofibrils (CN), was patented worldwide by MAVI.
CN is the second most abundant natural polysaccharide and can be used as a carrier molecule for numerous active ingredients. It is a sugar-like polymer obtained from  chitin, byproduct of the fishery industry .
The innovative character of MAVI is represented by the unique line of products characterized by the use of these Chitin Nanofibril (CN) which ,being an electropositive polymer,  form complexes with electronegative polymers ,as hyaluronic acid,entrapping numerous well-known active ingredients ,as hyaluronic acid. These specific complexes ,known also  as block polymers ,are capable of increasing the efficacy of the active ingredients utilized, as well as facilitating their cutaneous penetration without reaching the circulatory system.
With the use of CN it is possible to obtain several types of block polymers which can encapsulate or entrap a series of active ingredients including vitamins, antioxidants, sun filters ,and immunomodulating compounds.
These block polymers can also be mechanically transformed into micro and nanoparticles for use in emulsions, cosmetic gels, biomedical textiles and biofilm for foodstuffs packaging.
CN demonstrates excellent potential for use in the production of transparent film and textiles with intrinsic bacteriostatic and mycostatic properties with multiple potential uses including bio- medical films and protective packaging for foodstuffs. CN has also demonstrated skin healing properties without the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars.
MAVI has conducted in vitro and in vivo studies to observe the activity of many CN vehicles created for a series of products with various scopes and the results of these studies have been published and presented at international level.
Thanks to these data the EU funded project BIOMIMETIC has been approved to begin in 2012. It will allow MAVI to develop different categories of new textiles for biomedical use.
Another  EU project, n-CHITOPACK, will  plan to establish the prerequisites for the production of Latest Generation Packaging Biofilm for Foodstuffs, has been approved in the initial stages ,as well as the third approved project CHITOPHARMA  will develop new categories of biological cosmetics and non-woven  tissues to be used as advanced medications. All these projects will give the possibility to increase not only  the  cosmetic business of MAVI ,but to enter in other economical fields.
Such biopolymers are an ideal solution as  they are skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly because  easily degradable  by the human enzymes ,unlike many materials used for packaging or for advanced medications. This contributes strongly to MAVI
s positioning as an environmentally aware company and leader in the research of natural ecocompatible ingredients.

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