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Mavisole (Normal Skin)


The pleasures of sun tanning and the beneficial effects of sunlight are sometimes compromised by the action of ultraviolet rays (UV) which, if absorbed in excessive doses, cause the well known "solar erythema" (sunburn). UV rays are also responsible for other cutaneous modifications manifesting some days later sun exposure. In particular the role of UV rays (either type A or type B) in accentuating skin aging and in promoting the processes which lead to the appearance of skin tumors is now well known. Moreover it is recently found out that UVA1 and blue light, emitted also by normal lamps and computer’ screen, are able to produce direct cell damages increasing the phenomena leading to photoaging.
The harmful effects of UVR depend upon the length (duration) and frequency of exposures, the intensity of sun light based on geographic (latitude) locations, seasonal variations and reactivity of the skin based on genetically determined constitutive skin color (intrinsic) and facultative (induced) pigmentation response of white, light brown, or dark skinned individuals. Because of this everyone needs protection which is adapted to his or her particular conditions. It should be remembered that no sunscreen is able to screen totally the UV rays but a correct use protects from skin tumours, avoids erythema and prevents photoaging. It is indispensable to choose and compare the Sun Protection Factors (very high, high, medium and low) in dependence of different skin characteristics (phototype) and different sun exposure asking advice to physician or pharmacist.
Resulting from international researches, MAVI laboratories set up new formulations based on innovative patented complex of chitin nanofibrils (ingredient of marine origin) and lutein. They increase in a unique way the activity of sunsreens and ingredients used. In diverse climatic conditions, MAVISOLE are ideal to protect against UVB/UVA/IR rays and blue light (lutein) different skin phototypes and are particularly indicated for people exercising (because resistant to water and sweat) and people that want to obtain an even, intense, long lasting suntan (for the presence of beta-carotene) avoiding skin UV damages such as photoaging (thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants as polyphenols from green tea, and lutein).
offers the 4 categories of photoprotection according to the European Commission Recommendation on the efficacy of sunscreen products: very high protection (SPF50+), high protection (SPF30), medium protection (SPF15), and the low protection (SPF6). Moreover in MAVISOLE line you can find special products to cleanse and moisturize the skin after sun exposure.

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