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Mavisan (Sensitive Skin)


The harmful effects of UVR depend upon the length (duration) and frequency of exposures, the intensity of sun light based on geographic (latitude) locations, seasonal variations and reactivity of the skin based on genetically determined constitutive skin color (intrinsic) and facultative (induced) pigmentation response of white, light brown, or dark skinned individuals. Because of this, everyone needs protection which is adapted to his or her particular conditions. By the way, it ‘s well known that no sunscreen is able to screen totally the UV rays but a correct use of the sunscreen protects from skin tumours, avoids erythema and prevents photoaging. That’s why it is indispensable to choose and compare the Sun Protection Factors (very high, high, medium and low) in dependence of different skin characteristics (phototype) and different sun exposure asking advice to physician or pharmacist.
In diverse climatic conditions, MAVISAN allow even the most sensitive skin to get a “safe suntan” avoiding skin UV damages. The new patented formulations. Resulting from international researches, brand new formulations based on chitin nanofibrils, melatonin and lutein, have been patented. In order to protect the skin from the direct contact with the UV screens they have been filmed in part of the carrier, that, at the same time, is able to increase the performance of all the active principles enriching the formulation. Free of fragrance and sensitizing preservatives, MAVISAN are ideal to protect very sensitive, allergic or diseases affected skin. They guarantee a broad spectrum diversified protection against UVA/UVB/IR (sunscreens) and blue light (lutein); maintain the correct skin hydration level (chitin nanofibrils, lutein and ectoin), and, thanks to the high content of immuno-modulant active principles (betaglucan and ectoin), they improve the self-regenerative skin defence. Moreover, the innovative patented combination of antioxidants (lutein, melatonin and lipoic acid) oppose to the damages caused by free radicals reducing photoaging.
_ Diversified broad spectrum photoprotection for sensitive skin In MAVISAN line there are 2 categories of photoprotection according to the “European Commission Recommendation on the efficacy of sunscreen products”:
very high protection (SPF50+) and
high protection (SPF30) both available in cream for face and, milk for body.
Specific photoprotection for babies and phototypes “at risk”
MAVISAN SCHERMO FISICO, sun cream free of chemical sunscreens with a very high sun protective factor (SPF50+).
Aftersun soothing treatment for sensitive skin
Protective Treatment by oral route for sensitive skin
MAVISAN OS, food supplement of Carotenoids, Omega-3, Lutein, Vitamins E,C, Zinc, Copper.

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