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MAVIOIL Natural line for daily use
An effective skin's and hair's protection depends on a regular cell turnover and on the microscopic hydrolipidic film that covers both skin and hair. Moreover, an healthy skin is due also to the presence of lipid lamellae (special lipids) which maintain a dynamic barrier and a regular cell turnover, protecting it from inside and outside environmental damages. Both the lipid film and lamellae rich of water and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) have great importance for the constant maintenance of the level of hydration and elasticity. UV rays, pollution, and a stressed lifestyle disrupt communication through the basement membrane, hindering skin’s protective and reparative capabilities and compromising its equilibrium. This stressed state accelerates signs of premature aging both on skin and hair. All cleansing products should eliminate the polluting substances from skin and hair, without altering this important protective-hydrating film. All cosmetic treatments have to ameliorate the natural turnover of the cells, thus maintaining an efficient skin barrier. Thanks to its leading scientific laboratories, Mavi developed the natural, MAVIoil line, based on extra virgin olive oil that, by means of the innovative “slow-time releasing” chitin nanofibrils carrier, and thanks to the active principles carefully selected and controlled, gives moisture and elasticity to skin and hair. Thus, the antioxidant and hydro-reparative olive oil actives bound to Mavi internationally patent pending carriers based on lutein and melatonin, selectively used in combination with sea collagen peptides, vitamins and sun filters, act as an exceptional defense system against all environmental assaults. As a result, the cells equilibrium is optimized and, day by day, hair and skin regain their natural beauty .

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