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Innovative cream for face-neck-décolleté with a high antioxidant, renewal and protective activity. Thanks to the exclusive MAVI carrier, based on chitin nano-fibrils (active principle of marine origin), bound to extra virgin olive oil, bioflavonoids, and to the new patented complex luteomin® (lutein and melatonin, powerful antioxidants) and gelatin-glycine® (cellular shields), MAVIoil Crema helps skin cells to capture and retain water, and reinforces skin barrier improving skin elasticity. Moreover, it protects cellular membranes and neutralizes up to 90% of exogenous and endogenous stress (smog, electro-smog, UV, free radicals, toxic metabolities) primary cause of premature skin aging. Used daily MAVIoil Crema prevents and slows down the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and skin spots. In short time the skin appears radiant, deply moisturized and renewed from the inside.

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