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is a specific treatment cream studied to promote the normal re-epithelization of the skin exposed to physical, chemical and environmental stress. Thanks to the natural patented complex , based on chitin nanofibrils, it helps the physiological repairing process of the skin and normalizes its barrier function. Moreover, it performs an effective anti-redness and soothing activity giving the skin immediate comfort and relief.
The optimal conditions to promote the natural skin repairing process are mainly due to the improving of cellular turnover, absence of micotic-bacterial contamination, appropriate and constant maintenance of skin hydration level, and decreasing of possible inflammatory reactions.
The particular re-epitelization capacity of
MAVIMED LASER is due to the presence of chitin nanofibrils, a new technology applied recently in the medical field. Chitin nanofibril, is a natural ingredient of marine origin, with hyaluronic-acid-like structure, able to maintain constant skin hydration level, to promote collagen production and to favour keratinocytes migration improving, in short time, the skin self-regenerative capacity. Moreover, the presence in the formulation of zinc oxide, allantoin and 18-beta-glicirretinic acid gives the product an effective protecting, anti-redness and soothing activity with a consequent fast restoring of the skin barrier function.
Free of fragrance and parabens.

Chitin Nanofibrils, Zinc oxide, Allantoin, 18-beta-glicirretinic acid.

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