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Cosmetic adjuvant cream with lenitive, protective and restoring activity, ideal for the treatment of skin with inflammation.
All the active principles in the formula have been carefully selected and mixed to guarantee total safeness and effectiveness.
The linoleic acid contained in the sweet almond oil balances the skin surface lipids restoring the skin barrier function.
Glycirrhetic acid and bisabolol carry out a highly soothing and antireddening activity.
Zinc oxide, in the dosage of 20%, isolates the skin protecting it from the aggressive action of environmental pollutants and from the UV rays, softens the inflammatory phenomena, and dries the possible exudations without obstructing the normal skin perspiration.
Last, the presence of glycin keeps the right level of skin moisturization and, binding to the carrier, performs also a bacteriostatic action. For its characteristics it can be used in dermatology, aesthetic surgery, and paediatrics.

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