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MAVI lines have been designed to achieve sebum-like vehicle-creams with an high skin affinity capable of physiologically replacing or replenishing a poor natural lipidic film, or of reducing an overly developed one. Careful study of the different oils and lipids which can be found in nature enabled MAVI to select and mix them to obtain easy-to-use and highly effective creams, gels and lotions. This led to the development of original skin care lines with variable skin diffusion rates: the higher the number assigned to any cream, the stronger its activity and penetration power.  This is the significance and the meaning of the Mavi Diffusion System (MDS). All the products in the Mavi Pharmaceutical and TS SPA lines have been specifically formulated and studied for use as specific aids with all current cosmetic equipment. Moreover, special studies have been carried out to create products aimed solely at the treatment of the most complex skin conditions, such as, for example, couperose, black spots, acne, cellulite, breast ptosis, skin stretch marks and skin ageing. Suitable treatment protocols using active ingredients stabilized and contained in new skin biovectors are provided for each of the mentioned problems. All lines, thanks to Mavi experience as well as to Collagen Research Center and Dermotech leading technology, have been specifically developed and tested for the purpose of maintaining the complex epidermal system balanced. Improvements in the look of the skin, the elimination of defects in the skin appearance whenever possible, and the reduction of free radicals can be achieved through the regular and constant application of MAVI skin care products, thus preventing early skin ageing.

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