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The protection of the integrity of the hair requires the deep knowledge on the hair life the use of suitable cosmetics and observation of special diets, with the aid of appropriately designed dietary supplements. It is important, for example, to know: the physochemical nature of the aging of sebum and how this is related to its reagreasing properties; the extent to which captured particles of soil from the atmosphere modify the fluidity of sebum; the rate it whith hair is regreased after washing; the chemical changes that occur in hair keratin under the action of UV irradiation (exposure to the sun) resulting in excessive dryness  and photodamage. Mavi, which has for many years been in the forefront of study into problems of the hair and scalp, has created a whole line(Pharmaceutical line) of clinically tested products to satisfy every cosmetic and esthetic need all around the world.
Bioesse diet  supplement based on the patented gelatin-cystine, increases the hair resistance, decreasing also the superficial scalp lipids
Mavigen mild shampoo, useful for frequent washing
Bioesse extra mild 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. It contains a highly functional anti-UV based conditioning agent with dual moisture balancing and film-forming properties, designed to "weatherproof" hair.
Bioesse and Aminopil Plus topical lotion, which promote hair growth reduce greasenessand retard hair loss process expecially in conbination with Bioesse diet supplement
Mavigen shampoo for oily hair useful to reduce oilyness on the scalp soon after a week of treatment

Mavigen sebo shampoo  for oily hair. It is active on the greasless in excess from the first week of treatment.
Mavigen forfora  To eliminate exessive dandruff both day and greasy.

LPO conditioner to improve manageability, as gloss and feel to dry or wet hair. The goal of this no-oil conditioner is also to minimize damage and to provide temporary improvement, helping the hair to prevent further damages.
ZPT conditioner to elimitate dry or grease dandruff when regulary applied on dry or wet hair.
EFAGEL diet supplemt make combing and styling easy improving also manageability and gloss of the hair. These diet supplements can address the excessive dryness and photodamages due to the hair's exposure to the sun for a significant portion of the year (Asia, Africa, Australia and South Europe), providing moisturization shine and healtier scalp.

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