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How and why skin ages

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Aged skin is basically characterized by the wearing out of adipose tissue and alterations of connective tissue. Features such as skin color, thickness, softness, smoothness, elasticity and, above all moisture content, actually change. However, senile skin atrophy is not an illness, but simply the result of an energy reduction linked to major metabolic alterations. The connective tissue modifies its chemical-colloidal state, shrinking in volume and completely altering enzyme reactivity, particularly in the elastic fibres and collagen tissue. It is well know that all these phenomena tend to be enhanced in winter, due to the presence of low relative humidity.
In fact, in environmental atmospheres of low relative humidity the stratum corneum fails in the competition for moisture. The skin will thus dehydrate, lose its flexibility and age prematurely, unless adequate treatment is undertaken.
The task of cosmetics is to care for the skin, protecting it against environmental aggression, and keeping it as "young" as possible and with the proper moisture level. Actually, the presence or lack of water not only affects the physical properties of the stratum corneum, but also its desquamation.
MAVI, well aware of these problems and on the basis of more than a decade of experience in research, has made efforts to solve such problems by creating professional skin care lines  based on Clinically Correct Cosmetics (3C) specially aimed to these goals.
The quantity of water present in the surface layers of the skin can thus be increased through local application of specially designed cosmetic creams, drops, lotions, monodoses, while the strengthening of the moisturizing process in the deeper layers (dermis) can be achieved by local application of special doses and systemic administration of supplementary nutrients specifically formulated to meet the needs of the skin and cutaneous annexes.
In order to fully understand MAVI's European achievements in research - also supported by parallel studies carried out in the USA - it will be useful to mention the biological mechanisms linked to skin moisturizing and ageing.

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