GLICOMAVI - Mavi 2012

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SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS: Strong exfoliating gel of glycolic acid with an high bioavailability, buffered through a MAVI method covered by international patent.
Clinically tested.
CONTENTS: 100 ml
MEANS OF ACTION: With its wright exfoliating activity causes a quick acceleration of the skin cell turnover. Unlike what happens with many marketed acid glycolic solutions and gels, the use of GLICOMAVI rarely gives rise to irritative forms thanks to the special activity carried out by the aminoacids utilized.
HOW TO USE: Apply a thin layer of gel on your neck and face, cleansed in advance with Gentle Cleansing, protecting the eyes with cotton wool soaked in Skin Toner. Leave the gel in contact with the skin about 15 minutes, keeping all your body at rest. Remove with a sponge soaked in toner or rinse well, avoiding the direct contact with eyes mucosae. The gel can be removed before the suggested time if the sensation of irritation or reddening is excessive. This happens, however, extremely rarely.

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