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What antioxidants are?
They are special substances indispensable for preventing, inactivating and neutralizing free radicals.
What are free radicals?
They are highly reactive substances that, are normally produced by the organism in small quantity and play a "messenger" role in biological processes. When external insults such as UV radiations, sun beds, incorrect habits (stress, smoke, alcohol) and environmental pollution, alter the homeostatic equilibrium, these substances become dangerous for all the cellular structures. In fact, free radicals damage the fibers of collagen and elastin producing skin aging.
When antioxidants are necessary?
The regular intake of antioxidants is recommended stress (intense working activities and/or physical activity – incorrect nutrition – excessive alcohol consumption). The use of antioxidants is also recommended for all those who lives in polluted or smoking areas.
What antioxidants should be taken?
Thanks to its longstanding dedication to research and innovation in dermo-nutriceuticals (cosmetics and food supplements) field, Mavi set up balanced mixtures of antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamins.
BETAEFFE LINE have been studied to answer people’s increasing demand for wellbeing.

  • BETAEFFE plus: to fight skin aging and photoaging;

  • BETAEFFE complex: to reduce skin dischromias of different origin.

  • BETAEFFE fast: to stimulate and prolong sun tan photoprotecting skin, eyes and breast. throughout the year. Particularly in situations which increase the damaging effect of free radicals such as: sun exposure;

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