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Chromarom Body Treatments


Founded on prestige-holistic think (union mind-body) CHROMAROM® is an innovative natural cosmetic line created from the joint of Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy. Aromatherapy uses the aromatic substances to influence positively mind and body in order to reach an optimal state of wellbeing. Chromotherapy reaches the same goals by the rational use of colours. The perfect fusion of aroma and colour combined in the same product gave the possibility to create CHROMAROM® line that, unique in its specificity, imed to obtain astonishing physicalmental good effects by reducing the stress of the present veryday life. This has been possible also because CHROMAROM® formulations came from ncient documentation recovered among handmade books dated since 1790 inherited and reformulated by MAVI. CHROMAROM® products are founded on the original use of igh quality essential oils, aromatic waters and vegetal chromoproteins (coloured proteins present in the vegetal world) carefully selected and carried by the use of the nnovative MAVI internationally patented active of marine origin: chitin nanofibrils.
In CHROMAROM® formulations have been included also brand new patented mixture of natural antioxidants (lutein, lipoic acid, melatonin) effective in preventing and educing free radicals damages, main cause of aging; natural immuno-stimulants (ectoin, betaglucan) able to reinforce the natural skin defence; natural moisturizing active principles (hyaluronic acid, collagen) constituting the fundamentals of skin tissues that decrease with time and stress.
By the use of CHROMAROM® the perception abilities become smart and events are evaluated with more objectivity. It seems like being transported in a more pleasant and acceptable reality that gives place to a gradual return to normality, reducing whichever form of tiredness and stress. In fact, soon after few minutes from the products╩╝ application it comes a true long lasting physical-mental wellness.
To obtain optimal results from the application of CHROMAROM® products it is pivotal the time dedicated to massage. In fact, during self-made massage or professional massage, the psychophysical effects linked to the perception of the aromas and the colors strengthen additionally the effectiveness of the other actives included in the different CHROMAROM® formulations. By the chromarom-therapic massage, the distilled waters and the essential oils are captured by the skin as well as by inhalation, that leads also to a physiological/emotional reaction that adds to the topical activity of the mixture active principles used. For a correct use of the products, soon after the application it is suggested to lay down few minutes is to benefit to the full of the aromaterapic effect.
Line offers 6 different innovative day/night faceneck-decollété treatments tailored for each skin type and need and 6 body treatments effective against the most common aesthetic skin problems. Formulated as non sticky, and fast absorption cream-gel and serum-gel, CHROMAROM® products are ideal also for professional massage.
All face treatments are available in tube of 60 ml and all body treatments in tube of 150 ml.

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