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Betaeffe Complex

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BETAEFFE® complex

Is a food supplement of Carotenoids and Vitamins enriched with Polyphenols (from grape). Thanks to the perfect mix of carotenoids (15mg), Betaeffe complex is indicated to photoprotect people at risk, and to modulate the melanin production in case of skin dyschromias such as melasma, vitiligo etc. Taken regularly, Betaeffe complex protects the skin against free radicals, responsible of the skin alterations with the consequent loss of elasticity and tone. The regular intake of Betaeffe complex is recommended for:

  • photoprotecting high sensitive complexions (skin phototype I and II) against reddening, erythema, allergies;

  • avoiding the worsening of skin pathologies: erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP), polymorphous light eruption (PLE);

  • modulating melanin production in case of hypo-pigmentation (vitiligo) and hyper-pigmentation (age spots);

  • increasing sunscreen protection of the topical sun products;

  • improving PUVA (long wave UVA) and Micro-phototherapy (tigh wave UVB);

  • slowing down skin photoaging process;

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