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Atopy - Psoriasis


The skin is not a mere sensitive organ and a regulator of body temperature, but it has also important protective functions: the stratum corneum is, in fact, a real barrier which defends the skin from an excessive water loss and from the penetration of external substances. A weakening or a damage of this natural barrier leads to skin dryness. The excessive water loss at the level of the stratum  corneum, can be due often to external causes such as a particularly cold and windy climate, a low percentage of humidity, the contact with irritant chemicals present in a polluted environment, or it can be caused by cigarette smoke, by too aggressive cleansing agents, by an excessive exposure to sun and sunbed UVB and UVA. In those people genetically predisposed, the excessive water loss can be due also to different pathologies, which make the skin too dry or desquamated since the very first months of life. All these factors influence the lipidic composition of the skin, reducing its water retention and making it so thinner and fragile to cause wounds appearance.

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