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Pollution, sudden climate changes, excess exposure to UV and electromagnetic fields, self-made diets, smoke, alcohol, hormonal changes, drugs assumption, stress are some of the causes that contributes to speed up the physiological skin aging. Skin aging is not a pathology but the result of a loss of energy, which causes deep metabolic changes resulting in the reduction of the connective tissue volume (loss of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen), and in the alteration of enzymatic cellular reactions. The skin of the face, in particular, soon shows this loss of energy appearing dull, tired, dehydrated. Fine lines appears, becoming day by day wrinkles.

Studied to fight skin aging, QM LINE works synergistically with the skin cellular biorhythm, helping to defend it against signs of premature ageing. Developed with highly effective active ingredients, carefully selected and combined in unique complexes covered by MAVI patents, QM works in the heart of the skin cell:
1. restructuring dermal skin layers (replenishing complex® of gelatine-glycine, active collagen )
2. neutralizing fee radicals damage (antioxidant complex® of melatonin-lutein)
3. activating the skin repairing mechanism (immunomodulant complex® of ectoin-beta-glucan) With microincapsulated hyaluronic acid.
A new MAVI patent with "filling activity" Naturally located in the skin at dermal level as “water reservoir”, hyaluronic acid regulates moisture, helps cellular reactions, and is responsible for the skin tone. With time and free radicals assaults, this natural “water reservoir” is reduced and wrinkles appears. Founded on the latest scientific results reached by MAVI in collaboration with Italian and foreign universities, QM LINE have been empowered by the use of a new MAVI patent: the slow release microencapsulated hyaluronic acid. By special technical methods, pure hyaluronic acid was entrapped in a molecular net formed by natural microscopic sugar-like rings, chitin nanofibrils®, able to work in the skin superficially and deeply. This extraordinary double action wake up biochemical mechanisms which control cellular turnover. In fact, when applying QM products, this microscopic net of hyaluronic acid: • forms on skin surface a film, which maintains the moisture level constant protecting the skin from dehydration; • penetrates into the deep skin layers, restoring the “water reservoir” and reactivating its natural production. Effective in 4 steps By the regular use of the 4 QM products, it’s possible to refill the dermal “water reservoir” bettering skin tone and structure, reducing wrinkles and black spots. Indications QM LINE is indicated in the prevention of prematurely aged skin, and in the treatment of aged skin. It is ideal in the professional rejuvenating treatments for face and neck. In this case, for a correct use ask for the doctor’s directions.

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