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AGE COMPLEX dermadose

Products > Products_DataSheet > TS LINE > Dermadoses (single-dose concentrated)


Intensive treatment to fight free radicals.
Clinically tested.
Preservatives, color, emulsifiers or fragrance free.
CONTENTS: One blister of 10 capsules. Total content 4 ml
MEANS OF ACTION: Helps prevent damage caused by light in general and ultraviolet rays, and in particular free radicals, favoring cell turnover. Age Complex Dermadose - Activates epidermal microcirculation; - Improves skin moisturizing, also due to the PCA slows down the ageing process. Vitamin A, together with the polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves epidermal cell turnover. Vitamin E, as biological antioxidative agent, play a major protective role with regard to the unsaturated fatty acids present in the cell membrane, fighting the free radicals. The natural extracts from Tymus and Lupin, together with Pantenol induce a brighter compexion by helping the skin recover its firmness, body and surface homogeneity.
HOW TO USE: Apply by lightly rubbing into the areas involved, after correct dilution with water.

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