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The active ingredients are also very important in order to achieve the best results in the treatment of prematurely aged or dehydration-prone skin, in oily skin, or in some skin conditions such as couperose, acne, cellulite, black spots etc. On the basis of the experimental results obtained in its research laboratories, MAVI has chosen for its new skin care lines ingredients such as active collagen, gelatin-glycine, alpha hydroxy acids, carotenoids, antioxidant vitamins (Vit.C,E,A) anti-UV and IR filters, and other specific active ingredients of biological origin. Alpha hydroxy acids, naturally found in several nutrients such as grapes, apples, milk and sugar, carry out their action by determining the "quality" of the stratum corneum in the epidermal cell turnover.Active collagen, PCA (Pyrrolidon carboxilic acid) and gelatin-glycine have the property of retaining a very large amount of water (up to 300% their own weight) in the skin, and of controlling its flexibility as well. Anti UV and IR filters, carotenoids and some vitamins, are indispensible to neutralize free radicals. Given the apparent connection between nutrition, skin functions and skin state, MAVI specifically directed its research to the study of these special problems as weel. It was then found that under special conditions glycine, a common aminoacid, can stimulate the skin to capture water, if it is chemically linked to gelatin as provided by the international MAVI patent. This natural product acts by increasing both PCA (main component of NMF) production, which is commonly found in the skin, and of collagen, while at the same time neutralizing the free radicals of lipidic origin.The MAVI lines have originated from all these specialized studies. It can now be observed that, while common hydrating beauty products are active just within a few hours, topically applied alpha-hydroxy acids, and gelatin-glycine - both by local application and by internal use - perform a longlasting activity (several days) even if their use is temporarily stopped.Both alpha hydroxy acids and gelatin-glycine considerably improve the flexibility of the stratum corneum making it soft and moisturized, since they work as longlasting water acceptors. Moreover, they fight UV-induced damage (collagen decay) because they can supply the skin with "new collagen".

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