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ACROMOS® PLUS with Vitamin C and Arbutin
Acromos® Plus
is a new type of skin lightener made from a special lamellar emulsion MDS® (Mavi Diffusion System) that imitates the composition of the membranes of the skin cells. This gives the product particular affinity with the skin. Acromos® Plus contains two derivatives of vitamin C, one of which is soluble in the aqueous phase of the lamellar emulsion and the other in its lipophilic phase. This makes the Vitamin C more homogeneously distributed and more easily absorbed through the skin.
Acromos® Plus acts by “releasing” the vitamin C, which stimulates progressive and continuous bleaching of the “brown spots”. In fact, the skin enzymes transform the two vitamin C derivatives into. L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which eliminates the granules of brown melanin (brown pigment of the skin) and promotes the formation of “colourless melanin”. As this release takes place in two stages, a rapid action is obtained thanks to the water-soluble derivative backed up by a delayed action by the liposoluble derivative. The immediate action is also reinforced by the contemporaneous presence of the vegetable extract of arbutin and the special, highly penetrable, MDS® vehicle, which makes the product particularly fast and long-lasting. It has been proved that the systemic use of those ingredients attenuates the skin hyperpigmentation, also known as “agespots, pregnancy chloasma, freekles”, that affects many people all over the world and nearly always appears on more exposed parts, such as cheeks, base of the nose and chin and also sometimes on the upper chest and the backs of the hands.

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